Welcome to The Shoe Bible. The one website based in the UK where if you are looking to purchase designer shoes then we specialise in comparing all the different shoe shops. Its amazing how across the internet between different retailers how the prices can differ by over £100. This is why we have created The Shoe Bible, focused on designer shoes and footwear. Our main objective is to increase the amount of products that we scan daily, to compare and find the best deals possible. Our biggest ranges include Sketchers, Clarks shoes and Ugg Boots.

Designer shoes from multiple shoe shops

However we do want to offer some added benefits too. By including any footwear discount codes, offers, delivery options and stock availability all in one place. We will as the name promises ‘The Shoe Bible’, be offering some advanced features and ways of shopping that are not available anywhere else when shoe shopping. Shoes are important to us and we are passionate about finding you the cheapest designer shoes combined with the highest quality shopping experience. Make sure you view the women’s shoes section and the women’s boots department of the website, we promise you an amazing footwear range. Imagine combining cheap footwear with quality shoe shops and retailers… Amen to that.