The Footwear Consumer

Purchasing footwear and shoes online is a part of everyday life, it’s a product that wears out and we as consumers require different types for all sorts of occasions, when shopping for footwear online or any product online users have become to expect the best deals and/or the best prices.

Would you pay over £50 more for the same pair of shoes if you knew you could buy them cheaper elsewhere?
Would you buy the cheapest pair of shoes from an online footwear retailer that had zero reviews, or spend £3 more and buy from a reputable company with over 1000 reviews?

This is where The Shoe Bible steps in.

Why Visit The Shoe Bible

Typical about us pages would normally expect to see a huge mission statement of how we aim to take over the world but thats where The Shoe Bible are different.

We aim to bring you 1000’s of the same footwear products, ordered by price, reviews, delivery pricing, special offers, personal favourites etc etc etc – simples.

You the consumer do the rest, we don’t actually sell products, merely show you whats available and where.

Who are we?

The Shoe Bible is a very small team pulled together from all walks of tech life, we try to keep it simple and utilise the strongest aspects and expertise of all team members. The whole team have one thing in common, they want to create an award winning website for you the consumer.