The quest for cheaper shoes

A few months ago we set out to design a website that would fix the ‘cheap shoes’ search in Google. Ideally we wanted to provide a list of all footwear that was then ordered by price. This month we reached our goal and have a record (for us) of over 3500 pairs of shoes, boots, wellies, heels and sandals advertised on site.

The good news is that we have only just begun, today marks a day where we are satisfied with the website aesthetics and the products within, we can now start to build out the product content and add the bells and whistles that were always planned. This means even easier shopping.

Watch this space for upcoming updates as the plans for the website are extreme with some handy new features coming to ensure you buy shoes from the most reputable shoe shops, this should ease the worry of buying online as we already do the research for you.

We wouldnt be able to get this far without the retailers agreeing to work with us on this project, and it’s nice to be approached by some of the biggest retailers in the country to come on board. (Another 6 retailers launching this week).

Happy Shoe Shopping!