Welcome to The Shoe Bible Blog

The Shoe Bible blog will eventually be the place to come to find the best deals and offers by retailer. Rather than display news in the typical fashion of brands and products we will be going a step further and posting deals, offers and other issues that might influence your buying process of footwear.

Currently the website might look like your typical price comparison site, but we can promise you that this is only the case until we have all product offerings loaded up. We aim to make the website about the footwear shopping experience rather than concentrating on price alone. Obviously price plays a huge part in the decision to purchase, but research shows that this isnt the only area consumers look for when deciding where to buy. Therefore we will be adding some really nice features to ensure you know as much about which retailer we recommend and why.

This is the first blog post but check back weekly for the latest updates about our progress in providing you with the best shoes and boot offers available.